Although the upper slice of fashion world is talking about everything punk and everything Gatsby right now, I insist on a minimalism note (still). It entices me how men's clothes sort of complete and emphasize women's sexuality without being vulgar. A womanly adaptation of men's attire also make room for more and better alteration, such as various cutting, metal insertion, and shorter length.

Even something as simple as a pair of pants was once considered manly and rebellious. Now the steal from the guys has been extended to tailored blazer, coat, loafers, and the most basic thing you ought to have in your wardrobe: a crisp shirt. I guess the line between masculinity and femininity has become blur over the course of years. The rise of unisex clothing signals that we ought to dress beyond gender boundaries. The presented imagery toward women who wear boyish clothes also changes. A woman cannot easily be considered manly even when she is wearing oversized blazer and tapered pants. Girls can simply slip heels on and a balance between male and female element is achieved.

As for accessories, the envelope-like clutches and everything-boxy bags can also be accounted to exude certain masculine vibe, especially when they are composed in neutral colours. A complete manly look accentuates power, as man is always portrayed as the celebrated-powerful being. That got me thinking, how about the XY chromosome borrows something from the XX chromosome? Maybe we can delve into it further later...

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