Today in Jakarta, Uniqlo is finally opening its first door (and enable us to shop with a cheaper price during its grand opening), so it will be simply *wise* for me to share some of my shopping tricks. Although I cannot really claim myself as a bargain hunter or anything, since lately I have felt uncomfortable being in a massive crowd, not to mention in the middle of women struggling to lay their hands on the sale items, I still enjoy finding something interesting with a more affordable price anyway.

1. Go for basics
You can never go wrong purchasing the basics, such as plain t-shirt, blazer, jacket, or pants (or in my dictionary, anything with the colour of white, black, grey, and blue). Even if you are being impulsive after looking at the discounted price, you will not regret your purchase later in the day (true story). Once I didn't feel like shopping but later I went home with a grey t-shirt in my bag. Ever since that t-shirt has become one of my wardrobe staples and save me during the I-don't-know-what-to-wear day.

2. Take your time
I know we sometimes rush and worry that the items we want are probably also eyed by another shopper. But you don't want to take home broken pieces, right? So take your time checking the pieces thoroughly. Check for stain, awkward cutting, or probably ripped part. If you see stain, make sure what kind of stain it is--whether you will be able to clean it later or not. Taking time by other means is also to simply relax and let go. If you somehow doubt your purchase, better leave it first and who knows, you can find another goodies in the next store.

3. Think about at least 3 ways of wearing it
We can always opt for striking or statement pieces during sale, because usually those items cost higher before being discounted. Got watercolour pants or quirky jacket? Before directing your way to the cashier with excitement, imagine how you will wear it first. If you can find at least 3 ways of wearing it, means that the piece will not go in vain. Utilize it as much as you can to make your purchase efficient as it can also help you refine your style.

4. Forget prints
I am not saying that we should abandon printed pieces altogether, but the point is, stay away from that ubiquitous print in a high street chain store. Chances are, a lot of people are also wanting similar items and once you wear it then you will be able to find your print-twins. I personally do not recommend purchasing printed items in high street store for that particular reason. If you want to inject some boldness into your wardrobe with prints, try going to a more expensive store or lay your hands on vintage items. Sometimes even cheaper store carries nice prints. Or try local brands since they produce goods in limited quantity with respectable quality.

5. Visit at least 3 stores, or even department store
Probably some of you are skeptical towards shopping in department store but I tell you what, I got two pair of sandals at a very affordable price in department store! By visiting at least 3 stores and even department store you will know how the condition of the market and pricing is, whether the first store offers something fairly expensive, whether similar pieces are also abundant everywhere else. You will never know what you might find with just a little more effort to research!

6. Pick the right size
Yes, you might have read or listened to this advice a lot of times, but yes, go try that pair of jeans before buying it, or make sure you feel comfortable walking in that shoes. Items that cannot be worn because it doesn't fit well will only spend your money for nothing. Alternatively, you can always go for a size bigger when getting sweater, shirt, or t-shirt for a more laid back effect, but never compromise for jacket, pants, or suits. If you ever think of altering it later, stop. Chances are you will never do it and those pieces will still stay inside your wardrobe.

7. Wear the right outfit during shopping
I am not kidding. For women, leave your heels at home, and for men, forget that heavy jacket or skin tight pants. Wear what makes you comfortable and also the outfit that will put you in ease when trying out the clothes. Limit layering to minimum, possibly with tank top and shorts, so when there is a hopelessly long queue for the fitting room, you can get yourself a quiet corner to try what you can possibly try without having to queue. Save your time and your nerve!

images are from tumblr and style me romy

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