I am fully aware that I have several catching up to do, both online and in real life (well, the two have intertwined anyway, so to speak) and as the matter of fact I am opening 10+ tabs at a time whilst writing this post. The name Esteban Cortázar might sound quite unfamiliar to many--at one point he is *still* a young thing and the other is that after a dispute during his stint in Emanuel Ungaro, he is pretty much abstain from the hectic world of fashion.

The 1984-born garnered attention in the fourth quarter of 2007 when he was appointed Head Designer at Emanuel Ungaro at a ripe age of 23 and later in 2009 when he walked out of the brand after refusing to share creative chair with Lindsay Lohan. The following year Interview magazine reported that Cortázar did a collaboration with a Colombian brand, Exito.

This year, with the help of Natalie Massenet under a very successful umbrella of Net-a-Porter, Cortázar is on the move to revive his namesake label. A capsule collection is released, creating eighteen solid pieces with modernism and architecture as his main inspiration. The meeting of structure and escalated appreciation of womanly body are not to be confused with sexuality, but are rather synonymous with a clever construction of strong feminism. The designer also teamed up with Alican Icoz for the jewellery, perfecting the look with industrial-metal pieces.

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