Without any intention to correlate this post with whatever Kanye related, I do grow to adore simplicity of life--not only in terms of fashion but also in terms of work, love, traffic, everything. Maybe I feel tired with all the incomprehensible level of complicated-ness in life so such desire to have simple things that I can cherish for the longest time emerges. In terms of fashion (bloggers, in this case), Ivania Carpio is easily the beloved one when it comes to toning down the look (hence, the life). Though it is quite compelling for me to live in black, white and gray only, the simplicity of shape and the fact that you can pull anything from your wardrobe without it being totally un-wearable are quite solid points to start gathering my monochromatic tones. And about jewelry? Gold works best and let the rest find their convenient place around the body.

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