Fashion, no matter how intellectual it attempts to be, relies most of its expression on the clothes. In his Paris runway, Jun Takahashi blatantly pours his intellectual thoughts on brilliant clothes that have words on it.

Without any means to undermine the talented, "senior" designers and reputable fashion brands that celebrate quite a distant season of spring/summer 2014, I personally find that the dark horses start to steal the light, leaving the big fashion houses muddled in their highly commercialised world. Presentation after presentation, the minimalism, structured silhouette makes a repetitive appearance with various interpretation but only a handful manage to leave deep impressions and set the bar high.

I have just taken a notice for the brand Undercover - a Japanese brand founded by Jun Takahashi, which held its runway in Paris Fashion Week. As straightforward as it can be, Takahashi seems to be bothered with how the world operates right now and pours his contemplation on the design. The words "snug," "silent," and "dog" are revealed to be spelled backward, thus the real message says "guns," "listen," and "god."

For me, what Takahashi does precisely captures my own contemplation of this world and in a way, pointing out the concern of the society without heavily concentrating on politics. Instead, he tactically addresses his concern in the form of utterly wearable clothes that embrace the word-as-detail trend. Only, his lettering contains deep pondering, something that reminds me to what the protesters do when they are about to voice their opinion. Nevertheless, Undercover asserts the truth at ease, that we, by the end of the day, are the generation who endlessly needs some form of expression.

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