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ON RADAR | Tie-Dye

I have backed off quite a bit from the fashion week hype, and suddenly stumble upon a fact: the hype is actually in me.

My knowledge of designers is qualified “better than average” as proven with my attempt to write fashion rather intellectually, but I have little to no knowledge whatsoever about Anthony Vacarello. Nor that I spark certain interest for the designer – that is, until Susie Bubble’s Instagram shows a photo of his show. A look in tie-dyed denim. I have to go little bit over the top here, but I experienced some kind of deja vu looking at that sleek denim jacket. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE IT.

More precisely, I made it. Although I cannot really boast that tie-dye DIY is mine, I have made that jacket in early 2012, thus getting ahead of Anthony Vacarello in the tie-dye game. And so are plenty other DIY enthusiasts and bloggers. We walk around in our creation, and now that it has made to the runway, several wealthy customers will have similar tie-dye version by paying much much more money for it. The argument is however clear: our fabric has low quality, Vacarello’s doesn’t.

In terms of originality, though, such designer’s creation cannot be really said original. But what is originality in today’s fashion anyway? I can only pique your attention, that, incidentally, Vacarello’s denim shade resembles closely to mine. Perhaps, we are using similar technique and bump into similar material. Well, of course I’m joking. But if you want to make one, here is a fairly simple DIY I posted in 2012. Until then, I can only say that the democratisation of fashion will slowly see its light.   

runway photo is from style.com

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