...even when you are wearing flats. Because you will not stumble and your feet won't sore.

Marni SS14

Spring/summer 2014, albeit the fact that it hasn't started yet, has already felt like a season a go, all thanks to the confusing nature of fashion shows. Such early presentations of what supposed to be the latest collections then give birth to, shall I say, premature trends, not excluding the trend of flats.

You might as well shout to your screen now as I say that flats are THE trend. (WHAT?!) I know. Flats have been by our side for what feels like forever, and to say that they are in vogue right now is such an understatement. Flats are the saver. Flats are what keep the women going. So why are they in trend just during this very particularly confusing season?

Givenchy SS14

I cannot say that I am against the "trend." The fact that I am a big flat fan and wish that they can come in a sexier, quirkier way than their heeled counterpart only strengthens my argument that women should spend more time in flats. Their ubiquitous appearance on the spring/summer runway only confirms so. For me, it feels like a celebration of a freedom, where walking comfortably triumphs over walking gracefully but in pain.

Rocha SS14

Thus I can't be more excited to see how flats are going to evolve, from the step sibling to the real star on the style stage. Designers are experimenting with their flats and I am sure that the high-street retailers will find their own way to trickle down the trend. In the mean time, I'll just enjoy the notion that flats are in trend because for me, they are never out of style.

images are from T Magazine blog

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