Simple aesthetics is probably the answer to the cluttered fashion industry. 

Let's admit it. Fashion industry is one commercial sphere that is highly competitive, leaving both the producers and consumers with myriad choices and little time to decide. In a snap, one trend has disappeared and replaced with another one. Sometimes it is too fast, too furiously annoying, that probably on your way to the cashier to pay your purchase of the day (which you think will be good to photograph and upload in your social media channels), the trend is silently but surely heading to obsolesce.

I have quite limited myself these days, trying to separate what stuffs I need really want with what stuffs I want. That way, when I want to buy certain fashion item, I would try projecting myself mixing and matching it in different styles. Then if the item is rather costly, I would try to be the fortune teller - predicting whether I can still wear it at ease in foreseeable future, or in another words, whether the item can transcend season.

My encounter with & Other Stories has actually begun a while ago, when the hype surrounding the brand was just built. It later occurred to me that what they present in the collections, and how they treat the selections that are up on the website, are really thoughtful. There is no must-have, because everything is practically a must-have. The pants are straight cut, the dresses are easy. The jewelries are beyond desirable and the colours are versatile.

It seems to me that & Other Stories has omitted the word "trend" from their vocabulary - which is a good thing. Women are in desperate need of understanding that they do not need marvelous clothes and lavish, extravagant pieces to fill their wardrobe. The designers can then calm themselves down and follow their design intuition to create clothes women can actually wear. The next argument is probably, is such condition a style utopia or a fashion dystopia? You decide.

images are from & Other Stories

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