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To me, what's juicier than those of celebrity gossips is those of fashion insiders gossips. 

I am not going to lie. I have tried to include this post under "Her Flair" category, but deep in my conscience I am aware that this is supposed to be labelled "On Radar." It is quite a rare occasion I witness in the industry, that two equally attractive individuals (at least in my eyes) make it as a couple. One reason is probably because of the limited number of heterosexual men in fashion, and the other is straightforwardly because the fashion journalists are more into penning review rather than juicy gossip fact. So when street style photographers finally have their lenses on Veronika Heilbrunner and Justin O'Shea, my heart rejoices.

Heilbrunner is the fashion editor of mytheresa.com where O'Shea occupies a position as the buying director. Coincidence much? I'd say the love grows fonder as they frequently meet in the office, however, in a small chat posted by vogue.com O'Shea mentions how he is first attracted to his present girlfriend. “I remember first meeting Veronika at an Acne Studios showroom in Copenhagen, there was this hot tall blonde girl across the room. My initial attraction had nothing to do with her style (I am a man after all!), although I do remember that what she was wearing that day—high-waisted Levi’s denim shorts and a white tee with a motorcycle jacket and Acne Studios ankle boots." 

After all, a man who works in fashion will remember what you wear, no big deal. And who wouldn't want their men to dress as aptly as O'Shea? It is probably his too keen eyes on what you wear that will be quite bothersome for the relationship, but if Heilbrunner can handle it, perhaps you can, too. 

images: streetfsn

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