Huxley's "Brave New World" materialises in Viktor & Rolf flagship store.

I am the type of person who gets intimidated easily. I don't know why. Especially upon entering a plush luxury brand store, where the store assistants keep staring at my non-high-end-branded attire, the sense of un-belonging hopelessly lingers. The predicament of this, of course, happens when I visit a store in my OWN country, in my OWN city. Because when I do the exact same thing, don in pretty much my regular outfit, in a country other than my own, no intimidation whatsoever happens. But we are not to discuss that now. I guess what I am trying to say is that, look at this mind blowing, non-intimidating Viktor & Rolf flagship store, people.

In the designers' interview with the ever-edgy Dazed Digital, they mention their fixation on grey--a colour that fully emblazons the brand's flagship store located in Paris. Decorated with various shades of grey (pun is not intended) and felt material, the store is born from the idea of creating a store that is not there. Thus, the architect comes out with an idea of "ghost architecture" which results in a surreal experience inside the store.

Judging from these imageries provided by the said site, it is rather apparent for me that the interior hearkens to my all-time favourite author, Aldous Huxley's much celebrated novel: "Brave New World." Taking place in AD 2540, the story unfolds a dystopian future where humans know no love, religion, history and culture but rather immerse themselves in technology and temporary escape of pain. To my eyes, this futuristic store serves as a closely perfect setting for such story to take place. There is a depth that belongs to Viktor & Rolf that could possibly translate what Huxley has in words to a tangible vision. Or is there?

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