Lovebirds during fashion week have been my addiction of late. Because, who can resist some good loving and good style?

There are two reasons we should envy models. One, they are good-looking. Two, they complement that beautiful imperfection of theirs (I vehemently believe that imperfection actually makes you even more attractive) when they consciously couple with another model. Jimmy Q—worry not if you are not familiar with the name—the model who is part of the tattoo troop is now happily holding hands (and kissing, and hugging, and doing all those things that make others envious) with Leia Contois, another model whose body is also beautifully emblazoned with ink.  

Looking at the two I cannot help but thinking about other fashion couples. They obviously dress well, but most importantly, they are aware of their cool factor and proudly show it. Jimmy Q and Leia Contois saunter the men’s fashion week in style-coordinated clothes and do not hesitate in posing for the street-style photographers. In another fashion week, there are Justin O’Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner bringing their couple’s style A-game to the street. I then wonder what the September hectic weeks will present us with. More fashion couples, anyone?  

P.S. the first post about fashion couple is here.

images: style.com, streetfsn.blogspot.com

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