Story: TGIF?

It’s Friday and to be honest I don’t really dig the popular abbreviation of TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday). Everyday is a day to be celebrated, because we have another day to love, to work, to create. Happiness is really a state of mind and this life is the one to be enjoyed. So here I share some music, book recommendation, and a wardrobe mix. Enjoy! 

Alexander Ebert - Million Years
Little Anchor - Until Our Eyes Adjust

I have finished reading this book, and I have to say, Paulo Coelho is articulate in shooting human’s weaknesses, dull society life, and fear of being ‘different.’ The story is about a girl named Veronika who lived in Slovenia—she decided to do suicide because her life meant nothing to her. Everything fell flat and habitual, so she saw no point of living because there was no emotion, no excitement for her. She didn’t succeed, however, she was awaken in a mental hospital named Villete, being told that she only had few days to live. Interaction between her and other patients along with each individual’s story of how they end up in the hospital are pretty interesting yet it didn’t really elaborate with much emotion as I have expected. The novel in the end demands the readers to question themselves, “what am I living for?” 
I have posted my favourite quote from this book here.

And a wardrobe mix inspiration for the weekend from Polyvore. Have a nice Friday y'all :)

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