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I Wore: 20.11.2011

This morning I grabbed my clothes real quick and threw every piece that look "harmoniously" together. I washed my hair in the morning, leaving it dry and super-wavy by itself, so I decided to make a bun where my cheeks end up looking like double buns as well >.< The new shoes are from Payless (they are dark purple in velvet by the way), they are more comfortable compared with all previous high heels I own ( I still had some kind of feet-pain but it was very minor). The jacket, clutch, and shoes are my to go items since they go along with most of everything in my (small) closet and mostly the stuffs I grab when I've got nothing to wear--which happens quite periodically.

Kindly excuse the "bun" cheeks as I have been eating a lot to prevent me from being sick as they are my natural features. Have you ever heard that someone with round face has a lot of luck? Well, you heard it now :D Gotta go now, work awaits tomorrow. 

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