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Story : Between the Breaks

With way too many plans and thoughts gather in mind, I am in the state of unable to really produce a nice post and being cheerful as always (if you thought me so :p).  With weeks that will be filled with writing and managing, I think a good reading and song list for a quick break during the work are (not) guilty pleasure.  I would love to create extended bookmarks on website I love, as well as "proper" compilation of songs I cannot stop listening later (procrastination alert), but hopefully this can be a good start..

1. The legacy of McQueen continues the intricate detailing beyond dresses, it expands to scissors now (here)
2. Five selected Indonesian designers who have showcased their latest creations in Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, each with their own signature design and stories.. *for those who do not speak Indonesian, the pictures should tell you more than enough :) (here)
3. Curated Indonesian online magazine that focuses on product design, FOLD magazine (here)
4. Family means saved and loved, heartwarming yet heartbreaking (me) article about family (here)
5. Mint green, one of my favourite colours, makes it to T Magazine (here)


Nite everyone! Kindly share your list in comment/mail if you feel like doing so ;)

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