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I Wore: Blue Butterfly

The weather has been quite an uncertainty lately, although most of the time the dark clouds dominate Jakarta sky with only quick rain followed. I woke up this morning with a minor headache, rushed myself to take care of some things before reached the office. Life has been on the challenging side lately but I always feel rather pleased and lightened up whenever I find myself picking the outfit that complements my figure. High waisted and blazer are two of them. I was not sure the moment I purchased this skirt but it turned out that I receive a lot of compliments when I wear it. The blue blazer was customed-made for me when I was in junior highschool, I rarely wore it before since it was actually a blouse (that makes me look old-fashioned), yet utilizing it as a blazer definitely brings out the shape better.
pardon the tired eyes, I took this pict after work :p

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