DIY: Cutting the Flowers

Talking about old clothes that you might never want to wear anymore, I do have tons of them--including this shirt. I clearly remembered it was my mom who persuaded me to purchase this one despite of the size that is too big for me. The shirt looks ridiculous on me (don't get me wrong, there were times when I wore it very proudly and delightfully) but I somehow like the motifs. The colour combination is the one I like as the flowers are pictured orange-y with some hints of blue, violet, and brown--instead of the "normal" flower prints which are dominated by pink, red, and green.

The shirt before... (I'm currently obsessed with image reproduction :p)

With the scissors help, then cut cut! Albeit my minimal skill in sewing, I ensured myself to cut the sleeves after just several minutes looking at this shirt... (yes, the scissors have my name on it, I have had it since junior highschool *now it's gabby with double b because I like it that way)

The final product...
It's before and after picture. Left: taken by my dad before I went to work so that will explain the awkward smile and pose (I'm daddy's little girl apparently). Right: taken by my sister when I got back home after being 3 hours in Jakarta's traffic (sore!).

Further details of the clothes... (notice the dolphin necklace near the collar?)

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