Aiming to provide a space for the up-and-coming designers to showcase their collections to wider audience, an event called Brightspot Market has slowly but surely emerged as one of the most awaited events of the year. With around 90% of local designers--both who have established their brands for some time and those who have just entered the "creative industry" introduce their latest pieces of creation to the thirsty public. It has become a much-hyped marketplace that generates significant coverage and income for the brands, I suppose. When I went there yesterday, it was literally packed--plus the limited numbers of air conditioners they have, which caused the humid hot air in the midst of shopaholic pack. I, somehow, managed to secure myself two t-shirts from Monstore, a local brand who currently specializes in t-shirts whose pieces have also been distributed in Europe.

See how rad the prints are? I promise you I'll share further its shape and stories (these shirts actually have stories inside!), just when I wear them out (soon!). Plus, the owners of the brand are lovely and I adore how they bring the concept of the brand together. They even create a community called Scene Stealers where all artists can submit their creations to be put in t-shirts. More than that, it also serves as a medium for those (emerging) artists whose works have not yet been widely known. I am really proud of what this Indonesian brand has done, and really looking forward to their future projects. Check out their website for more info.

And lastly, my silly pictures, taken after I was done with the market and crossed the street to another mall where I parked my car (since it was so fully crowded in the mall where the event was held, I decided to park my car elsewhere emptier). The navy blue blazer is the ultimate wardrobe shaper, it matches with the whole outfits in my closet and makes everything a little bit more dressed up :).

P.S I stole the blazer from my sister's closet :p

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