Within the era of street style photography that has boomed as a phenomenon, I find myself to be a loyal reader of Scott Schuman since years ago, admiring how effortless the pictures are taken. Between the glamorous editorials and bloggers' outfit pictures, The Sartorialist just fits the right place where it is all about easy elegant style and unexpected details. I do not really give a thought about his comment of how successful he is--where people accuse him of being cocky and stuffs. In reality his picture speaks, bringing some "real" personalities instead of editors, models, and "high-class" profilers (not that their pictures are bad, but a nice break from the branded outfits is definitely needed).

So I spot some oversized/ no pants snaps Mr.Schuman took, and my immediate thought was, chic chic chic :p (Don't get me wrong, they perhaps put on some bicycle pants or so beneath..). I have actually listed so many wardrobe "essentials" as a guidance to shop, yet I would definitely add oversized shirt slash dress slash anything that makes me look like these ladies. (I'm just inspired, okay?)
All picts are from The Sartorialist (here, here, here)

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