Imagination is always my playground, somewhere I can pick which travel destination I would go, somewhere I can choose what to wear, somewhere I can liberate myself--like hopping on the next train to destination X with my loved one. At some point, there is an urge arisen from such full-of-imagination state, where I want to go out now and make it happen. Today, here is what I have been portraying myself wearing, another white mix. The shorts are from Bali, the good-eyes of mom spotted this during her trip there--aren't they rad? I love the prints and length, and on top of all, it blatantly screams "made in Indonesia" from a far.

Paired it with this bracelet from Forever 21 (I am actually totally disappointed with this one, since the paint they put there fades so quickly, but I still love the size and shape, though) and a clear box that will be my little purse! :p 

Still working on my editing skill though..

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