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I Wore: Basics

As I have written a piece of thought (or two) about dressing comfortably, I opted for a simple black and white look for today. The white t-shirt is my all time favourite--loose and thin, something I will grab first when I only have several minutes to get ready. I immediately took my pair of sunglasses and put it in a rather cliche-in-a-good way but later I added a shawl from Cotton Ink, my other fave, as I was having a neck problem since morning, guess that I slept in a wrong position :( The shawl is a really nice neck warmer and I love love love the cosmic print on it.

Anw, I'm currently re-cooking the concept for this blog, hopefully I can come up with something new next year :p oh, and excuse the messy hair, it's always like this after I wash it :p my hair is almost always messy :p

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