Despite of its impracticality, clutch is my latest favourite type of bag--I've been carrying them day and night, and to be honest, I am tempted to purchase some more to add to the three current envelope-like-bags I already have. On a positive clutch-note, I can basically throw everything in and due to its practical size, I unconsciously reduce the number of things I bring, genius aren't they? Clutch then has made its way to my must-have item list for every woman's closet ;) So I guess you have seen all of them in the previous posts, but here they are...

Pardon for the rather absurd edit, nevertheless, I have been wanting a leopard clutch to add some rawr-ness to my small clutch groupies :p Spotting two nice prototypes from Style Crusader and Jeana Sohn. The texture, the size, the prints are equally covet-able--I can vividly imagine grabbing it in my arms with every various outfit pairing from my closet...

Jeana Sohn
The Style Crusader

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