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I Wore: Circular Leopard

When it comes to dressing myself, I am that one person who plans everything ahead--it can be an hour earlier or even a day earlier. Today I have actually pictured myself wearing something else, but I changed my mind and sort of throwing these pieces instead. Animal print is one trend you can spot almost at every highstreet brand store, ranging from dresses, shoes, bags, to accessories--the prints emerge as one of the "must-haves" after having previous predicate as the "tacky" ones, funny how everything seems to take turn in fashion, huh?

My leopard print scarf is one lucky finding, some years ago (yes, years) I browsed some online shops and found this at discounted price, it was only Rp 10,000 (equivalent to around $1). The purchase was completely impulsive (along with some other bargain items) yet I do not regret it :D The scarf is proven to come in handy when it comes to accentuating simple outfit, wrapping my neck and the whole outfit altogether to look "more interesting."

Should you question yourself, how does that scarf wrap my neck in such nice circular motion, I should credit WhoWhatWear for delivering a practical, brilliantly simple styling post about fall scarfs. It is really easy, I started with a rectangular thin scarf...

Then I tied both ends together twice, just to make sure it is strong enough when I pull it but I arranged it in a way that the scarf is long enough to be wrapped twice later...

There you go, your round scarf ready to be styled :D

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