Despite of my stubborn pattern of thinking--that people who are talented and ambitious enough can path their way from the middle road (not from the bottom one), I finally come to a conclusion that no matter where you start, if you want it bad enough, you will finally achieve it. This time, I sallute Kate Ciepluch, Fashion Director of Shopbop.com who is featured in The Coveteur--one most coveted website that offers us to peek into the fashion insiders' houses and DROOL.

Kate apparently started her journey "working at their original brick and mortar shop in Madison, WI on the sales floor, folding tees and hanging dresses while she was a young'n during her freshman year at University of Wisconsin" and crafted her way to the current "elite" position after she was graduated. The corporate ladder is no easy thing to climb but her persistence and keen endeavors inspire me. Lastly, it was an instant love from me once I drooled over her stuffs inside her New York apartment, including the fact that she got that Catcher in the Rye's cover framed (thinking of doing similar thing later :p).

images belong to The Coveteur

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