The dynamic development of creative industry, where the term "art" and "culture" are defined in a broad perspective and translated in many unexpected creations, is a constant change that I believe needed by modern society. The stories and inspirations behind artistic works are two things that interest me in some ways, where a tangible feature speaks more than what meets the eyes. So when I got information about an art exhibition, I decided to give myself a try, grasping contemporary art in my own way. The exhibition is titled "Contemporary Culture Interplay", held by PMR Cube and curated by Jim Supangkat, in which the exhibition took a calm space and embraced several forms of contemporaneity, mixes of pop art legacy, fashion, comics, and ethnic tradition. I am not an art commentator, but overall the exhibition offered some sort of friendly-introduction to "commoners" who merely enjoy and build interest of the art movement. Personally, I wish there are more stories about the works beside the information about the medium used, something that makes me drawn into the world of the artists.

Wearable Art Object, "Identity' series"by Aditya Novali
Hanging: Amnesia Nation by Heri Dono
On the Wall: (sorry I didn't get the name right :( )
by Adesagi Kirana
by Sapto Djojokartiko

Heritage by Josephine Linggar
Cultural Evolution by R. Sumantri MS

So I missed a lot of names of artists and designers here, I didn't really take notes, just took pictures of what's interesting to my sight. Really sorry for that, but I hope you enjoy this post nonetheless! :)

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