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I Wore: Clean Lines

Been lounging around the house, reading plenty of web materials and preparing myself for the upcoming IELTS test these days, and it feels so...liberating. I am finally able to cross things in my to-do-list and enjoy every single moment at the sweet verge of 2011, including writing perpetually on this blog. There are of course more serious deals (if you say so) I am currently after but then I decide to take things slow, letting the dream comes true, one by one.

Here is an outfit I wore yesterday when I took my sister out for a treat (she asked for it after I got my paycheck -.-). She has been nice after all, helping me taking pictures for the sake of blogging. Posting my outfit here is actually a fun thing to do, besides, it definitely affects my way of dressing positively--maximizing the items in my wardrobe and defining my signature. I tend to put more and more colours and pieces when I dress, but this time I took a scarf out (more about that later), letting the outfit looks "clean." The blazer, however, is one investment purchase from Stradivarius, literally matches every single thing I own and accentuates my figure nicely. I am officially obsessed with blazers (and on the hunt for chic shirts :p).

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