After previously visited a contemporary fashion and art exhibition, I immediately remembered that one of my favourite brands, Valentino--with all the intricate details, haute couture aura, and appreciation to woman's aesthetic beauty, has just opened the door to its refreshing exhibition concept--a virtual museum. It is undeniably one breakthrough for fashion and art since it enables all audience, even those who reside in the most uninhabited part of the Earth, as long as they have internet connection, to be able to gain access to the intimate journey of the brand. This virtual museum is where I am willing to be lost in, since every part of it excites me, with detailed background stories and accompanying images of all the dresses.

What more important is, that the museum does not merely highlight the creation, but the focal point is actually the designer. Valentino Garavani is an Italian designer who has carved his way in fashion industry from a very young age. He studied fashion in Paris and worked for a couture atelier before opening his own atelier in 1959. He later cooperated with Giancarlo Giammeti to support him from business side, and one of the most successful cooperation in fashion industry has bred notable achievements and recognition for the luxury brand.

I took some print caps to show you how lovely the virtual museum is, with some rooms designed to showcase Valentino's couture dresses that have been categorized according to the themes such as White, Pastel and Pattern, Black, Red, Animal Print, and so on. When you click "more" for each dress, there will be a detailed narration about the dresses, along side with the runway videos, photos, and sketches. 

Beside the dresses, Valentino who is highly skilled in creating couture pieces also share his story when he had to prepare certain dresses, which I found really interesting and enticing since it really makes you feel like you experience the "behind-the-scene" process. Other rooms in the museum also expose the visitors more about the journey of Valentino, share stories and pictures on muses, friends, events, and biographies. You should really visit the museum yourself, simply by download here (it's only 8MB so don't worry :p) and be fascinated inside.

And here are some pictures of who made an appearance at the museum launch...
Sarah Jessica Parker and Valentino himself
Claire Danes

Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig
Hanneli Mustaparta
images are from Harpers Bazaar.

Feminine, embroidered, simple cut dress is my weakness. Brb going to the museum (again). :D

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