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I Wore: Stolen Vest

I guess it is one common sense of a normal shopper that s/he will directly put on that one recent purchase and incorporate it to the rest of the wardrobe. I am one of them ("normal" shopper), and my Monstore t-shirt is my recent purchase :D Although I am not really sure that my outfit is photographed well, here it is. I was trying to soothe the abstract print on the t-shirt with something "girly" and ended up with this one. The irregular blue piece hanging is actually a vest I stole from my sister's wardrobe which I threw on real quick before I headed to the door (hi there if you're reading this, but I am pretty sure you wouldn't since Blogspot is banned in China, right? Right?). Well, I really want to hear some opinions about this mix to be honest, but then, my outfit looks so much better if you see it directly, I swear.

There is actually a cute bird under that awkwardly placed feather. And it is a fox on my finger. Just to be clear. And yes, I know, my fake smile does not work here so I'll try my luck next time. Yes, yes?

P.S. Excuse the tacky post title, will ya?

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