I have just stumbled upon Jenny Kang, the senior fashion editor of Stylelist.com whose style instantly makes me smile. Either it's the Alexander Wang shoes or the subtle colour pix she pours to her outfit, I feel some friendly, down to earth vibe from her, despite her position as a fashion editor of an online publication, that makes me want to get to know the girl. Refinery 29 has apparently peeked at her apartment, and did a little nice interview with her. My favourite part is, when she was asked what she would wear if she has only 5 minutes to dress and she answered: "a button-down shirt, cropped cuffed skinny jeans/pants, a mishmash of bracelets, and something neon." I say, way to go, Jen! :p

Street style pictures are from Street Peeper

Don't you just love her? :p

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