I am perhaps that one person who is rather picky about stuffs yet at many times I find myself easily adjusting my taste to any fine, sweet, chic, elegant things I stumble upon, including some nice photographs. Out of the blue my head says "etsy" and the lovely photographs in the site lead me to continual browsing--which is heartwarming and makes me realize how behind every picture taken there is a story, that one thing that perhaps ephemeral at that time but once it is captured, it lasts forever. I really wish I could take these photographs with me but then I am saving money for bigger things ahead. Should you want to browse and/or make some purchase, just go through the link :)

photographs are from here, here, here, here, here (go click! :p)

And lastly, a wardrobe remix I created on Polyvore, an easy one to throw in the spirit of embracing holiday and berries (I know those two will match :p)


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