Not that I am an alcoholic but this brand Studio Sober has blown my mind. Personally, I am a keen consumer-slash-reviewer of up-and-coming brands, simply because new designers' collections are refreshing and offer unique preposition of fabrics, textures, and shapes that some major brands miss to do so. Aside from that, I assume that emerging brands explore further into their aesthetic, sometimes, psychedelic mind that allows them to present one solid creation.

Studio Sober is a brand I encountered virtually in Lookk with the referral link I found in Shini Park's facebook (my other favourite blogger!). The brand was apparently established in 2009, with the aim to combine "workmanship, attention to details, and a sincere devotion to high quality." 

In their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection, they offer obvious sharp tailoring in pastel colours, ranges from blazer, shorts, skirts, to blouses. The pastel colours mixed with hints of metallic on the shoes and accessories (that metal necklace!) bring the collection altogether, very neat, playful, and classic at the same time. The whole collection is totally versatile, they can be either dressed up or down, feminine or masculine. My wish is just that the whole pieces can go straight into my wardrobe :p

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