So some designers have released their small collections to have customers wanting more clothes even before the sun in summer sets. They name it pre-fall, but, hey, we all always love something new right? At some point, I wonder how they cope with all the hectic design and production schedule, while somehow balancing the creative and commercial creation. I have previously reviewed some brands whose pre-fall collections are absolutely wearable yet stark in either details, cutting, or silhouette. This time, the second batch offers us something equally straightforwardly lovable.

Phillip Lim brings out superheroes, in literal manifestation, within the collection. I would have never thought that such prints--that usually appear in kids' school supplies and play-date shirts, can make it to the runway. The leather skirt and blazer are a win (beside that playful clutch, you know how much I love clutch :p)

Alexander Wang, as lately, has been into sporty look--especially the jackets and anoraks, therefore I am quite surprised that within that awkward silhouette, which I am not really into, I found sheer-embroidered pieces and a body-hugging dress. The dress drapery has been going on my mind lately, so this is my ultimate favourite of the whole collections :) That embroidered fabric is a total eye candy and spice the whole rather boring collection perfectly.

Band of Outsiders, the newcomer, on the other hand, pretty much translates 1979 Manhattan into the brand overall laid back chic aura. Talking about 70s, it will definitely involve some velvet going on, which is for me, interesting to see, but unflattering to wear. However, the cutting is impeccable, the minimalism with a twist is my absolute style and this brand so far has excelled in bringing simple pieces alive.

images are from vogue.com

P.S. That BOY shirt (or boys?) look so vintage-fun! Want want want (consumerism alert).

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