DIY: Acid

Hi all, I'm back! I have some slight changes to this blog, sort of cleaning it up a little and I change its name! :) I have been in names-quest for both this blog and my upcoming project, and I finally decided to name it curled--big thanks to my boyfriend who has inspired me :p CURLED, because, well, my hair is curly :p but then, curled is also how your books look like when you read it too often. This blog will be my journal, where I will write many things, mainly about fashion and style, but later some contemplation, artsy stuffs, and moody poets might appear.

Anyway... last year I did a little DIY, not necessarily a new one since I guess many of us who are bored with how our jeans look may have done this. I got the tutorial here. I bleached my denim jacket with the initial plan to leave the sleeves dark, however it turned out that some parts of the sleeves were splashed by the bleach, leaving some spots on them. Here is how my denim jacket looked like (before):

Later, I dropped some bleach-drops on the jacket before thoroughly put it in a small container and let it sink by putting a stone on top of it :p

And lastly, the finished product.. :D I really really love how my jacket looks like from the back, the splashes have apparently made it lighter than other parts of the fabric that were sunk. Been thinking about the pairs to match this denim...

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