ON RADAR: Washed

Or fade? I cannot really decide which exact word I want to use to describe series of clothes that involve two diluting colours, which complement each other perfectly. Seen this lovely shirt by Colenimo here the other day and I immediately understand that I could probably do the same thing by using similar ingredients (bleach) as the one in my previous DIY post. The subtle acid washed in white and blue gives a rather "modern vintage" feel to the shirt, infatuated by the simple cutting.

Dual colors are at their best as well in the hand of Phillip Lim, whose Spring 2012 collection for men is inspired much by skater's world. I see it as an elegant approach to rebels, especially with the acid addition. The shirts and even pants (!) look ridiculously cool, that somehow I wish more men can pull off such quirky touch instead of the ol' plain t-shirt and jeans combination.

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