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FAVOURITES: Shade of Red

Looking back at past shopping habits of mine, I used to set time for me to shop (regularly), like at least I have several new stuffs every month, until they flood my closet. Sorting through all of the items now, some are ill-fitted, plain awful, and of course, if I look closely, some aren't THAT bad. As I more and more concern about how poor the basic and versatile pieces I have, I start to raise the bar when I go shopping, searching for items that can be mixed with tons of other stuffs in my closet (okay, there aren't really tons of them :p). The same thing applied when I purchase things other than clothes, bags, shoes, and the likes, I try to opt for something reliable, the one I can use for a long period of time.

However, the temptation of cheap prices is absolutely hard to resist. Especially when the products look cute and really describe my style, so I sometimes rush to walk away from them. Not this time, though, when my sister (I have two younger sisters) came back from China, she brought me some lovely stuffs (okay, I did ask her for bringing me some :p), all of these are each priced under Rp 100,000 (equivalent to around $11).

So my editing skills still need a lot of practice, since the red shade is supposed to be lighter. I particularly love that red doctor-bag with just the right compartment for me to stuff everything in and both handle and strap that come in handy. 

This toy cam has been everywhere but I suddenly got the urge to try one. Beside the fact that it is so cheap in China (around 1/5 the price of it everywhere else), I like the simplicity and cute size of this. I haven't tried it yet but I will later post the pictures I take with this little red :p

Haven't worn this belt but I have been obsessed with the shade.

This particular notebook isn't purchased in China, I bought myself in the local book store. I have to admit, I am such an impulsive notebook shopper, since now I have various size and colour with argument "to write 2012 plans" everytime I purchase one. I realized that I also have one red notebook, which excites me somehow, now that in the beginning of the year of Dragon, I have many red stuffs (hope it's a good sign :p).

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