Prone to be featured continually on plenty of street style websites during the upcoming fashion week, Caroline Issa is actually the publisher and fashion director of Tank Magazine. Beside admiring her feminine sense of style, I personally find her profile amusing. After reading an interview that Garance Dore did with her, she started it all in the financial world until she had enough of it (hello, numbers) and decided to take high risk by joining Tank in 2002. Tank remains until today, as one of alternative fashion-art publication the industry turns to, and she is then becoming the prolific measure of stylish regular during fashion week and the likes.

Talking about her style, Miss Issa is clearly on the front line of fashion, but to my eyes, she manages to keep it classic. With a few staple items such as jackets, shirts, and statement bags, complimented with her friendly smile, her style somehow looks "approachable" but it still makes her an icon of today's fashion generation. Note to self: invest in plenty simple structured shirts (especially those with embellished or coloured collar), well-structured outerwear, and comfortable black shoes.

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