The acrylic clutch movement has been started for a while, but then I found this unusually large and colourful fish tank clutch bag by Milcah from their latest Into the Dip collection, and I couldn't help but sharing it. I have actually tried my take on tiny transparent clutch, but didn't quite succeed because it was too small and my blackberry hit all sides of it. Milcah, in case you haven't heard about it, is actually an Indonesian emerging brand with feminine yet twisted design. The brand has won CLEO Awards in the previous Jakarta Fashion Week, as the most innovative local brand and ever since it has caught my attention.

Another radness is this Christopher Kane's inspired clutch which takes form of a seashell. I don't really see it to be practical but from the aesthetic point of view, it is certainly pleasing. Besides, it matches the fin headpiece and will totally make a woman look like a sea goddess, swoon! 

images courtesy of Milcah

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