Decided to stay at home this weekend, doing responsibilities but I ain't complain. Despite the hectic and rather unpleasant week, I find slightly rapturous moments in between. Misty, dark, and ecstatic at the same time, music is forever my companion. The soul inclination that is slowly filled with hope for a better tomorrow, though I cannot quite release my anger over what has happened yet. To you, disappearing piece, I owe these songs.

Style wise, I sort of digging the easy breezy look (as usual) without too much fuss. A solid pants, a white top, and something to spice it up i.e. denim shirt and sequin vest are sufficient for me to call it a day. Now I am in quest for killer pair(s) of shoes to wear with everything in my wardrobe and some blouses to save me from my I-don't-know-what-to-wear days.

And to accompany your weekend, go straight to VOCIFEROUS and read the latest interview I did with a talented, yet laid back photographer. It is definitely rewarding to hear someone's inspiration, thoughts, and eventually those add to my (and possibly, your) wisdom.


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