I am thankful. The excitement and heart-rush within me whenever I discover something utterly interesting are what I am thankful for. It has been an inexplicable habit that my heart beats faster when the object of desire appears to view, that "it" moment when I know I have to own it. Not necessarily at that precise moment, but the flame of owning (okay, I probably exaggerate a bit) is still alive, even some time after. This time, the rush of blood to the head (and heart) happens when I see this beautiful bracelet. Juste un Clou, or "Nail Bracelet" is the one designed back then in the 1970s by Aldo Cipullo under the grand name of Cartier, which again comes making a solid re-appearance this very year.

It’s a reflection of life. We are surrounded everywhere by things that are bolted down or nailed, and I don’t think anything will ever replace that fact in life.” The genius simplicity thrills me, these edgy bracelets have indeed made me rethink my style and tickled my creative side. Simple things can undoubtedly produce something remarkable. I mean, nails? 

Definitely need to own them. Soon. Not to mention that it is unisex, so the design is absolutely versatile. Love love love, want. I kinda need to stop here and work my ass to have some cash. 

image sources: Hypebeast, AsianGo

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