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Cristobal. A name that enamours me these past days as I constantly find it when I flipped through the dusty magazines that span around trend and when I clicked the not-so-dusty web pages that run stories on similar matter. Trend. I should have done more research on Cristobal's design signature and characteristics, but let's leave that subject for a while. It has been quite a while since my last post on me wearing clothes and grinning, so here you go. I suddenly thought of Cristobal and a glimpse of Balenciaga's Spring Summer 2012 flashed. The shape of the top and pants may not be so clear here since I throw my trench on. But they are both in the similar volume of those in the runway *insist* (same top was worn here).

This is the best shot since I took it in a hurry when I got back home today. Kinda exhausted with Jakarta's traffic, never ending jam. A closer shot of accessories today...

P.S: How does it feel to be erased?

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