Fashion week is approaching yet here I am contemplating on what to write in between the tiresome hours after work that leave me with plenty excitement but zero application. Done. I am most excited to see beautiful girls in their very own style, or if you prefer to formulate it differently, understated chic with the most natural looking faces. Tommy Ton captured one (photographed below) beautifully--a girl with exact healthy hair I am craving for.

On another extreme side, Vogue Italia, my favourite version of Vogue so far, exhibits spread with excessive makeup, rather kitschy but absolutely an eye opener for me. Women have been living under massive layers of makeup sometimes they do not realize how fake it makes them. Multifaceted woman is the theme of Vogue Italia's September issue, in which I am most definitely curious, what kind of facets can it actually be? See the complete photographs this way.

images source: jakandjil, Vogue Italia's tumblr

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