It is that time of the year again. No, not Christmas for sure, we have left that and I satisfactorily can announce another happy 11 months without constant jingle and red costumes everywhere. It is the time when all the womenswear labels are busy gearing up for the upcoming fashion week. Which means the slot in between is filled with Adam's attire--something relatively calm called Men Fashion Week.

Without any overbearing highlights and starlets running the streets, being chased by hoard of street photographers, menswear serves its definitive purpose: to showcase the aesthetic, luxury, and lifestyle of dressing for men. I contemplate myself whether womenswear can be treated the same, thus we all can focus on the clothes and forget all the drama and gossips. But, no. This classy take and laid back air can only be found within Men Fashion Week. Girls need the excitement but men party in their own way. Period.

The look that caught me, though, are these two latex trench from Burberry. I cannot credit Christopher Bailey enough for his innovation with respects to Burberry heritage. Without forgetting the protests I will have from my man, these two coats look dapper enough in tackling the rain in style. I want one myself.

While for the conventional crowd, I want to leave them happily walking in grey outerwear, white pants, and brown shoes. Italian knows best.

all images are from style.com

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