It is Thursday and I am supposed to be at the office, mixing and matching clothes while writing articles in between. But here I am sitting in my room, thanks to the flood that overwhelms the whole city. Can you imagine that the fifth biggest country's capital is crumpled thanks to mere flood? I am not here to complain ( I have done that way too often in real life), though while sitting and typing here, I sort of imagine a white work space. Therefore I let these pictures be inspiration starters...

Clear table, a technology product from Apple (obviously), white notebooks, magazines, and assortments of inspirations hanging on the wall. Not to mention, projects to work on and overflowing thoughts poured on great articles. That is probably a step to a perfect life.

Looking at my current desk, I guess tidying up is the only next step to do. What about yours?

images are from: a merry mishap, hitta hem, and love aesthetics

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