Don't you think that girls who wear caps are more fun and cooler? I do. Perhaps my eyes are too tired seeing the perfect beauty that resembles the barbie-look-a-like trend, perhaps I am in desperate need of something to cover my messy hair. I secretly believe that I do look good in hats, with beanie as an exception (because I look funny and round and such) so the option to buy myself a cap seems viable. Wait, I have one already. I will probably show it to you later.

Black is the definitive option that will make everything mysterious. Or edgy. I guess it is affirmative that girls should borrow more often from guys, because their stuffs are simpler and better tailored (even the cheaper ones get better treatment I think). *and I cannot believe that I rap this long just to explain about caps. Oh well... here the looks from Spring/Summer collections. DKNY and Alexander Wang obviously understand that frill dresses and sequins make no use during the heat. An ode to "fuck complication."

So, girls. Will you wear a cap? And, guys. Will you lend your girl a cap? Even better, let them spend the money (that they earn themselves) on an acrylic-looking Wang's cap. With the complimentary dress.

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