Another mumbling thoughts where some monochrome looks that stand out get lost in the middle of mind soothing tunes. I kinda need it, really. As for why I write so effing short this time, is perhaps because of the tired body that apparently overwhelms my restless mind. I can only keep on saying, something interesting is really happening, I am working on it, even when I am asleep.

Oversized coat and unusual stripes are definitely weekend-to-go. I am having enough sequins and bodycons so a retreat to less colours and more risks sounds perfect. Versatile, they say. Easy, I think. And if some of you have ever wondered when I will stop talking about other's wardrobe and runway perfection, or when I will start taking my own outfit photos. Hold that thought. I am figuring things out because putting together an outfit posts seem so mundane these days, I gotta make the little bastard inside me think.

And so I left you with a perfect song to make out to. Happy blissful Saturday everyone!


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