It is always summer here. So I can only imagine how it would be like composing wardrobe for four seasons, with a bit of experience back then in the mighty 2010. Honestly, dressing for warmer days is easier, just throw out the layers then go. Although I am not sure that bold colours are still the top priority these days. Aren’t we tired of being the centre of the attention? So let me introduce you to uncanny summer dressing 101.

Proceeding to build a good foundation of summery clothing, the compilation of staple pieces in subtle colours begin. For that I will go picking those sleeveless blazers and jackets with rough cutting from Charlie May along with the slit dress and wrapped skirt. 

Then the hunt is perfected with black dress from 10 Crosby by Derek Lam, along with the striped shirts and well tailored pants. Seriously, forget the mystified summer that is all about bright things and please wear something muted. I do not know why I am this persistent. I hope later you will read a post containing my kind of summer. Cross your fingers!

images are from: Charlie May and vogue.it

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