The mighty New York Fashion Week kicks back, showing all the Fall/Winter looks that suit the city's weather perfectly. Snow, albeit deemed as one of the most romantic, playful dream for girls, especially the tropical ladies who are lucky enough to get as much sun as they want the whole year, can act bitchy. When it melts, the splash will cover your shoes in dirty mud, leave alone wearing heels in the middle of melting snow. You can be happy, girls, when your man/eligible man who is willing to carry you is around.

So just wear your Margiela boots and stomp happily to the fashion venue for snow is no reason to leave the fancy shoes at home. Valentine is just around the corner and this could proportionately be one way to win his heart. No, really? If you think I am sharing dating tips here, think again.

Have you learned today's dressing in snow lesson, girls?

images are from the ever committed Tommy Ton at style.com

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