A vast of categories I have on the blog has intersected one to the others, so here I am slowly building a clearer distinction among each of them. What ON RADAR will narrate to you is everything about the newly found, fresh figures in the world of fashion. Not exclusively around the mode, this section also includes stories, newness, or any kind of thing/person that has not been heard before, but making a contribution to fashion.

To fulfill such characteristics of ON RADAR, I return to Not Just A Label, one of my trusted sources, to scout any emerging designers or interesting pieces that have been missed by the so-called-mainstream industry. Having read it somewhere, every day there is a new label born. This will definitely result in a very diverse clothes and styles, and of course, fiercer competitions.

Despite literal etymology of fashion that signifies wearing and making, a brand named Batson believes in the power of tales--using digital print to translate the inspiration. London based, Australian in origin, the designer, Bianca Batson has inspirations that gravitate around unusual things. For her Fall/Winter collection, she brings Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy to live by presenting Inferno dress, Garden of Eden skirt, In Hell cape shirt, Seven Deadly Sins dress--quite a brave take for a world that values appearance more than the story behind.  

"I am always inspired by so many things… usually really odd things, from labdanum – an ingredient in a lot of perfumes - to Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. I think the way that society moves in general is a huge influence too; the idea of sub-cultures and various fashion groups within society always have an influence on me."

Read an interview in Not Just A Label with the designer, Bianca Batson, here.

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