It's always summer in Jakarta (although for the past few days, rain has become our regular guest), so the notion of cruise can always sneak into my mind and tickle me to experiment with my wardrobe. Honestly, I have slowly directed my taste to something simpler for dressing (read: skinny pants meets loose shirt), thus flipping over style.com religiously is no longer in the top priority. I could care less about the ongoing trend and instead looking for shapes, textures, and styles that WORK for me.

As the designers are rushing to preview their newest resort installment, I am mesmerized by a handful of new approaches they employ. Dior has undoubtedly topped the pack, spelling the word future vigorously through immaculate techniques and clear vision for the once problematic house. Meanwhile DKNY interprets the trend differently; I think they are using the resort collection as a teaser for the full Spring/Summer 2014 installment. A sweet surprise is delivered by Gucci after Frida Gianini gave birth, a range of perfectly slouchy assemble is ready to steal the spotlight of the pre-season.

Christian Dior
Putting my initial skepticism toward Raf Simons who was appointed to helm Dior after dramatic departure of Galliano aside, the Belgian-born designer hit it, season after season. Interestingly, I do think that he does even better in pre-season, such as this resort one, and also couture. The industry has also seemed to grow deep liking for his masterful touch, for every battle he has with Slimane, Simons is the one adding his points. With never ending battle the press put between the helm at Saint Laurent and Dior, these two are taking their approaches further apart. The rebellious nature of Slimane is unbearable, but Simons is the engineer. He definitely steers the house to his aesthetic wisdom--making beautiful clothes for women who save a "ladylike" stamp in their bag.

This resort collection is no exception. Splurge of beautiful colours unendingly takes turn on the runway, with unusual silhouette such as the skirt over pants styling we are starting to see on the street. His adaptation is remarkably elegant, still edgy without degrading the feminine essence in it. Zipper and metal insertion later finish the whole look, perfecting modernity that breathes with the collection. And we should not even start with the shoes. Graceful pointy shoes that come season after season will never miss that lust-worthy tag. Just ample colours and variations of straps make everything look even better.
Should someone think about how Donna Karan once described her label as accessible and contemporary, they should never miss how she has evolved into a respectable designer with improving expertise in ready to wear. Her resort collection is basically the kind of style I have been lusting these times--shirt, pants, blazer, and pointy shoes. I seriously think those shoes will be the champion on various blogs and are probably eyed by Zara as their inspiration. The sporty touch on high fashion has undeniably been echoed everywhere and although these are not entirely a breakthrough, DKNY manages to re-live the not-so-fashionable 90s period to a very respectable 2014. An element that should not be missed is the sequin, in silver and gold, making everything party-ready and of course, striking. A very intriguing resort, I shall say.

Oh Frida. Even though an image of a Gucci woman, this body-conscious lady who is constantly on the search for pieces that complement her curves, will never really leave me, Frida Gianini raises the bar quite high this time. She steps out of her usual comfort zone that involves tons of Italian inspiration with seductive appeal and introduces new silhouette we usually stay away from: slouch. Strangely enough (or impressively enough, I should say) the slouch version of Frida for Gucci's resort is not something unfit, it is something desirable. A warm palette of cream, maroon, and mustard can easily win over the buyers and editors, meanwhile the silk pants will sneak in everyone's wardrobe as a staple item at ease. I also notice the small chunky heels and remember my own pairs that are super comfortable and versatile. I am most definitely Team Frida.

images are from style.com

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