Let's face it. We are being stormed by all the sale season and I have mentally started listing all things I want to purchase (at discounted price--smart shopping, of course). Fluted mini skirt and something pointy. Heeled sandals. Black leather jacket. Help me? The astute options, however, do not slay my initial intention to gather basics during the sale season. Especially when the items surpass seasons and trends.

...then I came across this photo in Elin Kling's blog and wondering if pointy flats will suit me. I hover Zara website, only to find that they also have it in silver. A bit too tacky? Or essentially elegant? The win-win is that this pair will save me from blister and trolling hopelessly in heels. Then my mind wanders somewhere else, leopard heels that can feel super comfortable and yield pretty much equally similar bang. Fuck and forget saving?

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