Similarity is no new thing in fashion but what if a New York Fashion Week collection presents something similar with what local brand has designed earlier?

The fashion week has kicked off this week and I cannot be more excited to witness how trends are shaped - both inside and outside the show. This post, and this blog as a whole, however, will not attempt to deliberate each and every collection that ignites my interest as what I have been writing in the past, but rather, the fashion week review will consist of my attempt to spot any peculiarity, coincidence, and who knows, faux pas here and there. That leads to my small discovery about a brand named Misha Nonoo which has just hosted the New York Fashion Week presentation for three times this spring/summer 2014 season.

Down the runway, Misha Nonoo has cheeky, carefree and most definitely, pastel pieces that are irresistible for the feminine, yet with certain twist to it. A particular look that sets me in deja vu, however, is a short pantsuit in blue-ish, cloudy print that reminds me of what an Indonesian brand, Argyle and Oxford has in their latest offering. Note that Argyle and Oxford present their collection first, Misha Nonoo follows later.

So what is this telling us? This little coincidence is one of many proofs of how fashion has globalised. The influences can come from anywhere. The brilliant minds are not centralised in the fashion capitals only. Although cloud print is not a breakthrough by either brand, how Argyle and Oxford develops their sense of trend to pieces that design-wise is eligible to be shown on the NYFW runway (by comparing it to what Misha Nonoo presents), is worthy to think about. Maybe in years to come we will not have to benchmark all trends to the mode cities and major fashion weeks only. I vehemently believe so.

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